What to do in case of an accident?

Please report any loss immediately, whether it is your fault or not

Our claims department is proud to provide a superior claims service to our insureds and agents. We understand that our service is a significant factor in maintaining customer satisfaction. The handling of average claims is not enough in the current market. Hawk Group is committed to hiring the best personnel from the casualty department, independent adjusters and available defense attorneys. Policyholders deserve the peace of mind that their claims will be handled expeditiously and fairly.

Important information

This is a guide on what to do if you get involved in an accident. Follow the steps and remember to mention your transaction code after calling our claims department.

1. STOP Immediately, do not obstruct the traffic. Take as many pictures from different angles as possible.
2. DRAW an approximate picture of the scene, showing the position of the vehicles and other details. Take photos of the drawing.
3. ATTEND To any injured person. Someone call the police? Repeat if necessary.
4. DONT ACCEPT Hastily settlements at the scene of an accident.
5. ENSURE Names, addresses of other drivers, witnesses and wounded.
6. STAY Quiet, confident and consistent in his version of the accident.
7. COLLECT The manufacturer, model and license numbers of all vehicles involved.
8. NOTIFY To our Claims Department (available 24/7) as soon as possible (925) 493-7550,

Fax or email the full notice of loss to:
Tel.: (925) 493-7550, Email: claims@gcib.net, Fax: (925) 493-7551.